About Us

"When Performance Matters"

泰奈科技有限公司 (TaiNai Technologies Ltd.) 成立於2019年,是一個以台灣為據點,並且與其他亞洲及歐洲 Fintech 團隊共同致力於開發 B2B 客製化軟體解決方案的集團公司。


TaiNai Technologies Ltd, founded in 2019, it is a group company based in Taiwan and working with other Fintech teams in Asia and Europe to develop B2B customized software solutions”

At TaiNai Technologies Ltd., we invent and reinvent software solutions so businesses can rise above the competition. From disruptive Fintech to cutting-edge encryption, we are all about thinking big and bringing our razor-sharp ideas to life. We're not bogged down by processes or limited by lack of aspiration. And we trust each other to make intelligent decisions, to challenge, change, improve and perfect. It's a culture where forward-thinkers can be fearless.