Our Services


The core of the TaiNai business is innovation. We continue to develop forward-thinking solutions for traditional online service and financial industry.


We work with partners from around the world to develop new tools for fintech.

◆ B2B系統解決方案 B2B software solution
◆ API客製化開發 Customized API solution
◆ 後台分析敏捷工具 Agile analysis tool
◆ 軟體技術諮詢服務 Software consulting service

Customize API Solution|API客製化開發

We tailor-make Application Programming Interface (API) solutions according to customer’s needs.
Our services include development, integration, and maintenance of delivered application/technology. We also work with optimization of business processes to help our customers become more competitive.

High Effective, Safety and Traceability|高效、安全、可追蹤

We bring expertise to customize database solutions, for instant and highly efficient data exchange service, handling big-data in a safe and effective way.

Agile Tooling and Simplified Reporting|敏捷工具和報告

We service a variety of auxiliary tools, you can connect and visualize your data in real-time. Combining multiple sources of data will help your business to get richer insight, adapt and respond to market changes

Business Intelligence Analyst|商業分析

Explore and analyze historical and current data. Utilizes statistical analysis, data mining and quantitative analysis to identify past business trends and predictive modeling. Understand the current state of the market and anticipate future trends and discover potential customers.

Localization Support|本地化

For our software solutions, also provide a zero-time instant response of operational and technical support, in English and Chinese.